Diversity in Work-place-Top Management – Part 1

“Many people believe that greater diversity in the top management of an organization is good for the bottom line and customers. What would you recommend to achieve more diversity? “

Every organization has a real way to achieve its goals. In order to achieve these goals, different ways and methods are adopted. Most employees see things from different angles and bring different ideas from their previous experiences, which enables the company to grow faster. Improved business models consistent with the business environment have created a new blue ocean strategy that provides organizations with a competitive advantage, thereby increasing market share and thereby increasing profitability.

Diversity refers to differences in education level, experience, lifestyle, gender, age, values, race, style, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, and occupation among executives. The skill level of some employees can in turn help them to work through the skills they have in their careers path and previous job experience to surpass other employees in the organization. This is a huge asset for any company that accepts employees for whom they are, regardless of the form of goods and services the company provides.

First, a high degree of diversity in an organization, people with different backgrounds and experiences in the management team are beneficial because it improves the way and method of achieving goals and setting goals.

Also, it promotes flexibility in the workplace: Diversity promotes a flexible working environment for the organization, in which management can demonstrate its expertise and handle situations carefully in order to consider the goals to be achieved while at the same time respond to challenges. For example, every company needs a strong sales and marketing team to achieve high-profit margins through the right methods, competitive profit, marketing mix and sales strategy, innovation, business process changes, and profitability goals to achieve your objectives and attract quality customers. The relationship and profitability of the company and the financial department will ensure that everything is in place to ensure the completeness, accuracy and availability of the company’s accounts and records, so as to make decisions when necessary and use their skills and experience for organized accounting.

Similarly, reorganizing the organizational structure to support the diversity efforts of many people is another recommended way to achieve greater diversity. Improve customer position and increase profitability.

What is your thought on this?