From the earliest years of creation, mankind believed that intelligence and hard work were the keys to success. The question every person on Earth should ask is: Do intelligence and hard work really guarantee or determine a person’s success in life?
The answer to this question is NO!
Intelligence and hard-work are good qualities or virtues that every person should have, for laziness does not pay off, but excessive dependence on hard work and intelligence is also not the way to this. Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are considered the two richest people in the world according to Forbes magazine but are these two the most hardworking and smartest people in the world.

There are many others who have worked or are working as hard and as smart as Jeff and Bill, and there are others who work harder and smarter than these two, but they are not as successful as either of them. Through their diligence, intelligence or diligence, many others will be considered the richest people, ahead of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.
Last year 2020, a Nigerian footballer Odion Ighalo, who was on training with England’s Manchester United at that time, tweeted that services are more important than work.

His tweet was not well received by most Twitter users because they see hard work or labour as the key to success. A few months later, Manchester United announced the signing of Odion Ighalo on loan. There are many other strikers who are stronger and vibrant than Odion Ighalo, but the Manchester United hierarchy has chosen him as the ideal player.
Most people don’t get one thing: if you think you are smart and hardworking, there are many other people who are twice as smart and hardworking as you, but you are more fortunate than these people. So many people do the right things, take the right steps, associate with the right people, work hard, read many books on how to be successful, and practice whatever they read in books. This, but they are still struggling with success. And someone somewhere does not do this and is still more successful than someone else.
The other person will start thinking wildly: but I am doing the right thing, I work hard every minute, every hour, I paid attention to all the instructions for success, nothing went wrong with me. What this person does not realize is missing from his hustling is the element of luck.
You may strive relentlessly and intelligently from today to eternity, but if you are not fortunate enough or favored, your struggles will always be fruitless or less fruitful compared with those who have found luck and favor in their endeavors. Fighting and thriving in a world with billions of smart and hardworking people takes a little luck and affection.
Do your best, don’t be lazy, work hard and hope that luck and goodwill shine on you and success will come at your door.