China is a country far beyond technology, they tried to show the world many of their innovative megaprojects, but one megaproject will always stand out and it is the only horizontal skyscraper.

Situated right in Chongqing City, exactly where the Jialing and Yangtze Rivers meet, the Raffles City Chongqing project is being implemented and managed by none other than the famous Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdi.

This entire project covers an area of ​​approximately 134,000 square meters or more, filled with offices, residential buildings, public parks and many other modern buildings and amenities. is a horizontal skyscraper with a length of about 300 meters.

This horizontal skyscraper acts as a giant air corridor connecting four towers. It took about 6 years to build, and only advanced engineering technologies were used.

The Sky Bridge, which is almost 300 meters long, is still one of the first and highest bridges in the world. At night, the Sky Bridge transforms into a giant beam of light that illuminates the sky with a beautiful light show.

The total cost to complete this massive project was $ 4.8 billion.

Photo credit: Google