David Brown

Many people know me as the Excel expert, the man who can make Excel solve literally all of your problems. But in reality, this reputation obscures my true experience; the ability to quickly analyze weaknesses and design a solution. This is the strategy behind the technical implementation that people love to see.

Have you heard of this story?

A factory had a broken machine that no one could fix, after everything went wrong an old man was asked to take a look at it; He billed them $1 million to fix the problem. They agreed as long as the machine worked.

After inspecting the machine, the old man struck a certain point with his little hammer three times, then the machine began to work properly. The company was amazed and asked for a detailed description of services to justify the bills of a million dollars.

The old man’s bill reads: “Hammer $20, know where to touch with a hammer $999,980″.

Do you do the breakdown of what you do into its strategic thinking and technicality? In which of the two does it stand out?

Dealing directly with technical issues instead of thinking about the history and bigger picture of the problem will deter your quick deliverability and extraordinary outcomes. We must stop being slaves to our technical ability or it will become a hindrance.

Take a step back, think strategically, and then act. When you are absorbed in a task, stop working, get up, and take a 20-minute walk. As you walk, think about the main intention of the task you are working on, how it affects the end result, what tasks do you trust him, what is the strategic impact of this task? You will be amazed at the results.

Working hard and working smart can sometimes be two different things.  ~ Byron Dorgan